Please refer to the Competitions page for particular details regarding your area of interest.

First, please take a moment to register for competitions. Afterward, choose a competition from the categories page and submit your design. For further instructions and details please refer to the entry instructions.

Simply identify the Contest you are interested in and follow the instructions to submit your work and enhance your chances of winning.

The competition schedule and dates can be reached from the competition page.

There are many ways to get updated. First of all, you can join our newsletter, by joining the newsletter you will get emails on new competitions, competition deadlines, jury announcements, competition results, and rankings.

The Winners’ list and award-winning works are available on the Winner’s page.

To win this competition, first of all, you need to have a good idea. Your work should be excellent and at par, with the requirements of the category, you are applying.

The main competition categories are organized annually and on the other hand, the custom/sponsored competitions are one-time events (to see a list of active competitions click here).

Please kindly have a look at the Entry Instructions which explains all the process. To make a summary, you need to register first and upload your work.

The previous winners and past entries (only runner-ups) can be checked from the Winners’ page. To access the Winners’ page click here

The required formats and number of files to submit for the main design competitions are explained in detail under each category.

About the ownership, depending on the number of entries, we intend to publish as many of the truly innovative submissions as possible. We will credit all submissions for individuals and teams with proper attribution. We will not limit anyone’s right to use their work. These proprietary rights are required for us to publish and share the material without any restrictions both online and possibly in print.

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